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        What are the types of bathroom accessories?

        2021-01-12 209

        The hardware used in the bathroom mainly includes towel rack, towel rack, towel ring, paper towel rack, storage rack, soap box, etc.


        Due to the frequent use of family bathroom, hardware is necessary to be able to withstand high temperature, high humidity and other "severe test". Now the bathroom hardware on the market is mainly pure copper, copper zinc alloy, stainless steel and alumina. In the meantime, the hardware of pure copper and copper zinc alloy are mostly chrome plated, while the hardware of stainless steel and alumina are raw materials. From the perspective of corrosion resistance, chromium plated pure copper and copper zinc alloy hardware are used, and the appearance is bright and dazzling, but the price is also expensive; stainless steel hardware is more affordable, but we must choose the brand, and miscellaneous stainless steel will rust; the appearance of aluminum oxide hardware is matte color, texture is more prominent, anti-corrosion function is also good, and the price is moderate. When purchasing, the raw materials of stainless steel and alumina are very simple to distinguish. For chromium plated pure copper and copper zinc alloy hardware, we should pay attention to the plating process. The more the plating, the more stable the quality.

        Article from: bathroom copper accessories manufacturers http://www.fdfsd.com/

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